ChatGPT ( currently has no direct ability to read text from images. But getting AI to recognize text from an image, you can achieve through a separate and manual process. See this video.

Android users (Google Play) should use the Text Fairy app for mobile.

ChatGPT 4 Text Recognition from image

Scanning text from photos or PDFs or screenshot, you can succeed via free software from the Chrome Webstore. The so-called text recognition app “OCR Image Reader”. My specific ChatGPT expert tip is to use “OCR Image Reader” as a Chrome plugin / extension for coming months.

ChatGPT 4 image to text recognition

OCR Image Reader, a plugin or Extention for Google Chrome, can be found here:

OCR chatgpt read image

OCR chatgpt read image

Can ChatGPT4 read text from pictures or images?

It’s helpful to have a quick look at how this text recognition software works, so check out my explanation in English in response to these questions I got from my followers:

  • Can ChatGPT4 scan images and recognize text from an image or picture?
  • Does ChatGPT4 have the ability to scan images and recognise text from them?
  • Is it possible for ChatGPT4 to scan images and extract text from them?
  • Can ChatGPT4 read text from pictures or images?
  • Can Chatgpt scan a text from an image.
  • Is ChatGPT4 capable of scanning images and recognising text within them?

The Chrome extension “OCR Image Reader” is advanced OCR image reading software. This software provides fast and easy text recognition from image sources. this ChatGPT lifehack wil help SEO’s and copywriters.

How to extract text from images for ChatGPT 4 AI?

To use this feature, turn on the OCR Image Reader extension. Select a piece of Web site. After which it becomes possible to drag the file from Windows Explorer into the interactive output field. So ChatGPT does not translate the image into text itself. But through this intermediate step, you have the text that can be further edited in ChatGPT-4.

With support for more than 100 languages, automatic text orientation and script detection, OCR Image Reader can accurately read and translate text from a wide range of image sources. This allows you to generate better input for ChatGPT in a shorter time without having to retype text, which is time-consuming.

Chrome extention OCR image Reader can be used to scan text from Web pages, images such as scanned documents, PDF files or other photos and pictures or road signs with embedded text. The OCR image reader for Google Chrome continues to work offline, so all image to text translations are processed quickly and securely without interacting with another server.

If the OCR software has trouble recognizing text in an image, the software will invert the image and retry the text recognition process, which can be particularly useful when working with dark themes.

Better input for ChatGPT 4 image text extraction

In short, OCR Image Reader is a powerful tool for anyone who needs to extract text from images to give ChatGPT good input. Whether you need to translate image text or simply scan text from an image, ChatGPT can be used paired with the OCR Image Reader. So that faster work is still possible.

As the video shows, ChatGPT can help scholars and adults learn words to learn a foreign language, for example. Thus, ChatGPT 4 or ChatGPT-4 has many applications you can try. Learn to peruse and see what is possible.

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Have fun with ChatGPT-4 text recognition via OCR Image Reader extention for your Chrome browser.

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